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California Continuing Education, Inc., Presents


California Continuing Education, Inc., Presents


Taking Charge of your Relationship with the IRS

Outline: (TaxDebtControl)

Getting into trouble with the IRS, unfortunately, is far too easy. Easy steps toward trouble include ignoring notices - not opening mail, not investigating and hoping and praying that IRS problems will disappear. The IRS can ruin your life. Creditors can ruin your life.

Tax Debt resolution suffers from a combination of infrastructure division and the resulting lack of awareness of how the two main tax debt relief mechanisms interact with each other. A thoughtful, comprehensive approach could compensate for this problem.

The taxpayer cannot make an informed decision without effectively understanding the tax debt system, the possible actions that can be taken, (including monitoring) and the possible result of taking a particular action.. Avoidance of involvement in one's own tax accounts due to procrastinating the unpleasant can be overcome with knowledge and adoption of a rational, realistic approach.

We will examine some of the in-depth options available to the taxpayer.

Be prepared!


Curt is a California Board of Legal Specialization Certified Taxation Specialist. and a Tax Attorney, MBA. In addition to his J.D., Curt holds an LL.M. - Tax from the University of San Diego, B.S in Chemistry, Masters Degrees in Chemical and Electrical Engineering, and an M.B.A. - some of which was earned while working for Aramco. Curt was chair of the Taxation Advisory Committee of the California Board of Legal Specialization, a unit of California State government that oversees California's Legal Specialization Program, and then was chair of the main board of the California Board of Legal Specialization. A State Bar of California Approved Tax Specialization Continuing Education provider, Curt is also enrolled to practice before the Internal Revenue Service and admitted to practice before the United States Tax Court, enabling representation of taxpayers from any jurisdiction before the Internal Revenue Service and before the United States Tax Court.

California Continuing Education, Inc is a nonprofit California provider of professional (CLE, CPE) education for Attorneys, CPAs and members of the public encountering tax debt problems.

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Certified by State Bar of California Board of Legal Specialization: Taxation

Tax Specialization Continuing Education Provider #15203

Contact: curt@patentax.com for questions about the syllabus or your particularized concerns.

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