Schedule Of Rates


Service: Note: Fee:
Tax Analysis of Taxpayer position v. IRS 1 $1000
IRS Audit 2 $400/Hr
Bankruptcy v. OIC analysis (not including IRS FOIA) 3 $1500
Bankruptcy v. OIC analysis (including IRS FOIA) 4 $3000
Preparation of a Position Pleading to help Taxpayer evaluate a possible Tax Court action. 5 $3000
Filing a petition in Tax Court & pursuing through trial (replinishment retainer will be required). 6 $400/Hr
Identifying & Evaluating defenses in a tax based criminal (tax evasion) case. 7 $400/Hr

Note: All fees are in United States dollars 


Service: Note: Fee:
Preparation & Filing of a Ch7 Bankruptcy Petition (no real estate & greater than 2 months before filing) 8 Varies
Preparation & Filing of a Ch13 Bankruptcy Petition 10 $400/Hr

Please note the required notice under Title 11 U.S.C. 528 whenever the word "Bankruptcy" appears: "We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code". [whenever I am actually hired to do this])*** Both Title 26 and Title 11 have various forms of relief that if availed of will likely trigger tolling of statutes of limitation.


  1. The resulting letter will outline the factual nature of the inquiry and identify factors which weigh in favor of the Taxpayer, Government and Neutral.
  2. Audit activities will include collecting facts, verifying uncertain facts, statement of the law and an estimate of the Taxpayer's likelihood of prevailing on each point of contention.
  3. After orally gathering facts including all assets owned, income, tax years owing, pulling transcripts of the tax years in which money is owed, an analysis of the reduction of the tax debt under Bankruptcy conditions will be compared to a reduction of the tax debt under OIC conditions.
  4. Including the analysis recited in 3. above, prepare and send a Freedom of Information Act to the IRS to attempt to determine the exact dates of SFR (substitute for return) assessment in order to reveal whether the Taxpayer will be able to challenge the imposition of an SFR threshold which would otherwise prevent discharge of an amount below the SFR determined amount.

5-10. Self Explanatory


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