Want to make an appointment?

In an effort to avoid loss of your time by scheduling an in-person initial appointment, we conduct all pre-engagement consultations by phone.  

Why?  Because when you need the information we provide, you probably need it fast.   A phone call can help us to determine what we can do for you and what you may need others to do for you.  It may be that you need something for which another attorney could provide more immediate help, in which case we will be happy to attempt refer you to a different category of attorney who can meet such a need.  We may also identify facts you may want to check before proceeding.   Generally speaking, phone consultations save you time in traveling to see us, especially where we may be able to direct you to the help you need more quickly and efficiently by phone.

Once we have completed our initial phone consultations, we can set up an appointment to meet with you in person if you have decided that you would like to hire us to help you with your project. We need advance information including your identification and the identification and relationships of the persons involved, mailing addresses, contact telephone numbers and e-mail and enough time to set up an attorney-client agreement.   For an in-person appointment, we prefer that you give us a day's notice to allow us sufficient time to draw up a customized fee agreement for you and to give you ample time to fully collect and prepare the items we require to get started with your project. 

Efficiency, short notice & maximum flexibility working for YOU.  Further there is a good chance that we will need to see you at your premises, because that is where your papers and records and devices are!

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