Have Your Organization Host a Presentation at Its Location in Southern California or Southern Nevada

Potential new customers want to learn information
that could be advantageous & help them to improve
both their business and personal pursuits.

When your prospective customers receive a no-cost
presentation, inside your business facility that
complements but is independent of your own
business, it showcases your production environment.

We offer no-cost presentations in So. CA & NV that
you can tailor to benefit your potential customers,
subject to our availability & your location conditions.

Our no-cost presentations can be selectively directed
to your potential customer industry segments to more
positively attract such potential customers.

You can choose Preferred Subtopics of greatest
interest to your potential customers

Our no-cost presentations provide an efficient
vehicle to attract potential customers with learning.

Host a Presentation at Your Location

Invite Interested Potential Customers

A presentation held at your location attracts new customers &
provides them familiarity with the subtle advantages of your business & its capabilities.

Our presentation for your organizationís benefit can build interest, attendance & and and put your capabilities within the perception of your potential customer attendees.

I. Product/Business Startup Presentation Emphasizes product creation & market entry & entities

II. Intellectual Property & Business Tax Presentation Emphasizes tax optimization of business operations (Tax/CLE credit for attendees)

You Can Choose Your Preferred Subtopics:

Strategy for Protection of New & Improved Products

Selection & Arrangement of Business Entities

Options to Reduce Sales Tax Involvement / Liability

Licensing Options: Passive Sale versus Active Control

Branding & Trademark Control versus Liability

Business versus Personal Domicile Decisions

Specifying Contractor versus Employee Status

Using Trademark Title for Business Sale Control

Using Patents to Control Tax Allocation on Sale

Trademark Selection / Litigation Likelihood Reduction

Selection, use, & deductibility of Insurance to Limit Liability

Configuring Multiple Business Entities for Security

Diversification of Distribution Paths & Responsibility

Reduction of Indemnification & Liability Profile

Federal Aspects of Trade Secrets Law

Non-Disclosure: Agreement or Waiver?

Trademark & Patent Impact of Bankruptcy

Personal v. Product Licenses & their effects

High Profile v. Guerrilla Approach, or Both


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