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    Clear Obviousness Rejections: Important Lessons from Outdry v. Geox --A recent case from the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, Outdry Technologies Corp. v. Geox S.P.A., is used as a vehicle for discussing good practices for writing clear obviousness rejections. This course emphasizes the importance of proper claim construction and a clear articulation of the obviousness rejection including citation of evidence, reasoned explanation and factual findings.

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    Curt's CriminalLaw.com Articles:

    The Reentry Teachings of U.S. v. Vicente Cuevas-Lopez (9th Cir. 2019) (9/20/2019)

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    Unpublished Criminal Tax Evasion Case Indicating Full Disclosure as a Prerequisite to use of a "following in good faith" exception to "willful intent"  (9/11/2019)

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    9th Circuit Rejects "One Day Late Rule" for Late Filed Return Tax Dischargeability (7/18/2016)
    Unpublished 9th Cir. Case shows (1) that KNOWLEDGE instruction for 18 USC Sec.1001 can be waived; & (2) even ambiguous agent notes & no recording can get a conviction - Use Right To Silence!! (2/1/2015)

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