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In Re Petty:
1099-C is improper when a debt is "charged off" rather than "written off".  The latter is more than an irritation notation that the debt has not been paid. It is "A discharge of indebtedness pursuant to a decision by the creditor [ ] to discontinue collection activity and discharge debt.and it potentially carries "discharge of indebtedness" income tax liability. In this case it was a bank toying with a taxpayer - bankrupt, possibly to cause action that the taxpayer might not have otherwise taken. March 31, 2021


Curt Harrington is a High-tech patent & Certified Tax Specialist Attorney.
B.S. Chemistry - Auburn University (1974)
M.S. Electrical Engineering - California State University Long Beach (1990)
M.S. Chemical Engineering - Georgia Institute of Technology (1977)
J.D. - University of Houston School of Law (1983)
M.B.A. - University of Oklahoma (1985)
LL.M. - Taxation - University of San Diego School of Law (1997)

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