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High Tech Patent & Tax Law Practitioner

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High Technology Patent / Intellectual Property Law & Taxation

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B.S. Chemistry - Auburn University (1974)
M. S. Electrical Engineering - California State University Long Beach (1990) (Thesis)
M.S. Chemical Engineering - Georgia Institute of Technology
(with Multidisciplinary Program in Computer Engineering Certificate) (1977)
J.D. - University of Houston School of Law (1983)
M.B.A. - University of Oklahoma (1985)
LL.M. - Taxation - University of San Diego School of Law (1997)

Japanese Language Proficiency Examination, Approved by Japan Foundation, Level 4;  Kanji Proficiency Exam of the Japan Kanji Aptitude Testing Foundation, passed Level 7, recognized by the Japan Ministry of Education, mastery of 640 kanji; some technical Russian reading ability.

Licensed to Practice:
Supreme Courts of California, Arizona, Texas and Nevada
U.S. Supreme Court
U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal, Fifth and Ninth Circuits
U.S. District Court, Central District of California
U.S. Tax Court
U.S. Patent and Trademark Office
Internal Revenue Service
FCC Commercial & Amateur Radio Licenses
Internal Revenue Service Special Enrollment
California Department of Real Estate - Broker

Los Angeles County CA EMT-Basic
Certified by State Bar of California Board of Legal Specialization: Taxation
Previously A Tax Specialization Continuing Education Provider #15203

Prosecution Experience:
Prepared and prosecuted more than 100 patents, in the electrical & chemical technologies; specialty areas include optics, fiber optics, electromagnetics, cryogenics, natural gas processing and computers, as well as extensive trademark and copyright preparation and prosecution. Representative patents include: Chemical: 4,957,634; 4,851,077; Electrical: 4,876,892; 4,833,351; 4,837,525; Mechanical: 4,879,895; 4,906,199; and Optical: 4,919,512; 4,898,468. Personal patent No. 6,286,238.

Patent Appeals:
Serial No.          Patent No.     Appeal Filed   
        08/045,987        (N/A-Won)(Applicant died before Decision)
08/455,900        5,878,448         1/21/1997
09/678,635        6,863,111         9/12/2002
09/541,188        6,732,475         10/18/2002
09/861,397        6,758,257         1/5/2004
09/903,315        (N/A-Lost)        5/30/2003
10/165,805        7,351,244         9/7/2006
10/423,674        7,748,164         8/30/2007
29/057,491        D407,995         12/15/1997
29/080,055        D449,947         8/24/1999

Litigation Experience:
Associate counsel in patent matters, and litigation in state court pertaining to trade secrets; Judge pro tem, Long Beach Municipal Court; Superior Court Mediation program, Long Beach; Attorney-Client fee Dispute Arbitrator, Long Beach Bar Association; Patent Panel, American Arbitration Association.

Teaching Experience:
Former Adjunct Law Professor, Golden Gate University School of Law, LL.M. Taxation Program - Teaching Tax, including Intellectual Property Taxation. Georgia Institute of Technology - previously taught heat and mass transfer laboratories, and analog and digital computer laboratory. Intellectual Property & Taxation Seminars at various locations.

Publications and Articles:
Scattering and Transmission Matrices for the Fabry Parot Interferometer -MSEE Thesis, California State University, Long Beach; "In Filing Your Patent Application...Completeness Counts," Mechanical Engineering, Vol 114, No. 3, (March 1992), The Daily Journal, Vol. 104, No. 242 (Friday, Dec. 6, 1991)p. 7; "Patent Protection May Extend to Software After All," (Patentability of Computer Programs Using Algorithms Broadened) Mechanical Engineering, Vol 114, No. 4, (April 1992), The Daily Journal, Vol. 105, No. 19 (Tuesday, Jan. 28, 1992)p. 7; The Vermont Inventor's Association Newsletter, Vol. 1, No. 3 (August 1994) "To Retain Rights, Patent Holders Must Act Swiftly," (A Delay In Filing Patent Suit Can Destroy Rights), Mechanical Engineering, Vol 114, No. 7, (July 1992), The Daily Journal, Vol. 105, No. 104 (Friday, May 29, 1992)p. 7; "Computer Program Patentability Revisited," Motion, Vol. 9, No. 6 (November/December 1993), The Reporter, Vol. 72, No. 53 (Friday, July 21, 1993), Spread Spectrum Scene, Vol. 2, No. 3 (June-July, 1993) p. 18; 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Current Member:
State bars of California, Texas, Arizona & Nevada; Central District Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys Association (2011-Present); Texas Bar College (2018-Present ) & Fellow, National Tax Practice Institute.

Past Member:
Member (2006-2011) & Chair (2010-11) of the Taxation Advisory Committee of the California State Bar Board of Legal Specialization;
Member (2011-2016) & Chair (2014-15) of the California State Bar Board of Legal Specialization;
Southern California Bankruptcy Inn of Court (2011-2012);
Long Beach Bar Assn. (Bd. of Governors, 1994-95);
Orange County Bar Association, Taxation Section, (Co-Chair Technology Law Section 1996);
National & CA Society of Enrolled Agents (Orange Co. Chapter President
2003-2004); Registered Parliamentarian - National Association of Parliamentarians;
Business Management Committee of SEMA member (1997-98);
CA Bar: CEB committee of (1999-2000);
Taxation Section Executive Committee (2002-2005);
Income & Other Tax subcommittee (Chair 2000-2002); Special Master, California State Bar Association for Search Warrants under Penal Code 1524 (2001-2002).

Pro Bono Activities:
Public Counsel (610 South Ardmore Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90005) Bankruptcy Help Desk & Clinic
Public Law Center (601 W Civic Center Dr. Santa Ana, CA 92701) Bankruptcy Help Desk

Legal Experience:

7/2006 – Present; Harrington & Harrington, Long Beach;
High Tech Patent & Tax Law Practitioner: Continue to advise and work with clients on intellectual property and taxation matters, prepare high technology patent, trademark and copyright applications and legal research. Assist clients in setting up a technology business to take advantage of tax provisions. Technical areas include electronics, optics, microwave, chemical and mechanical.

3/1996-6/2006: Curtis L. Harrington & Associates, Long Beach;
High Tech Patent Attorney & Intellectual Property & Taxation  Attorney: Advise and work with clients on intellectual property and taxation matters, prepare high technology patent, trademark and copyright applications and legal research. Assist clients in setting up a technology business to take advantage of tax provisions. Technical areas include electronics, optics, microwave, chemical and mechanical.

8/1991-2/1996 Hawes & Fischer, Newport Beach; 
of Counsel: Served as the firms high technology Counsel in addition to IP matters.

1990-1991 Harness, Dickey & Pierce, Newport Beach;
Associate Attorney:Local counsel for patent and trademark litigation matters, prepare patentability opinions, perform legal research and prepare patent applications.

1987-1990 McDonnell Douglas, Long Beach;
Senior Intellectual Property Attorney: Evaluate, write and prosecute patent docket. Patent cases include the chemical and electronic arts, especially fiber optics.

1986-1987 The Garrett Corporation, Los Angeles;
Patent Attorney: Draft and prosecute patent applications, patent law research. Patents drafted in capacitive sensor, current leak detector, controls, logic/power isolation circuitry, power generation system, & heat exchange arts.

1985 Bernard Reiter P.C., Houston;
Patent Attorney: Prepared motions for patent litigation, & petition for reexamination. Researched law and technology and prepared legal memoranda.

1983-1984 Private Practice, Houston;
Attorney: Private practice of law including civil and criminal matters. Suits on account, trademark applications, partnership agreements, wills.

1982-1983 DODGE & BUSH, Houston;
Law Clerk: Investigated and analyzed the latest oil tool design and drilling technology. Research related to patent, trademark, and copyright infringement. Technical literature searches.


1985-1986 Grace Petroleum, Oklahoma City;
Manager of Gas Plants: Report to the VP of Oil & Gas Contracts.  Responsibility for profit/loss for all gas plant systems. Analyzed and drafted Oil & Gas and NGL purchasing and processing contracts.  In charge of the design, construction and economic analysis for all new gas treating plants. Approval authority for plant operating invoices and subordinates' expense accounts.  Supervised plant engineer and plant personnel.

1984-1985 C.E.Randall, Houston;
Project/Process/Advisor: Custom designed small cryogenic natural gas liquids plants. Design criteria included cost of gas volume shrinkage, cost of shrinkage BTU, availability and cost of power, environmental constraints, return on investment, availability of liquid transport, composition of the gas stream, contaminants removal, sales gas requirements, and climatic conditions.

1981-1982 SUPERIOR OIL, Houston;
Process Engineer: Formulated process changes for cryogenic natural gas liquids separation plants. The process changes maximized plant profitability despite unfavorable price conditions generally. Recovered $500 THOUSAND DOLLARS which would have been lost by recovering propane and ethane. Revised the basic engineering contractor agreement to better identify the rights and duties of contracting parties.

1977-1980 ARAMCO
, Saudi Arabia:
Project Engineer
,(77-78): Supervised emergency engineering design measures during the April gas oil separating plant disaster. Directed the revision of engineering plant drawings.  Reconfigured plant fuel gas pressure and supply configuration.
Planning Engineer
,(78-79): Wrote computer program to generate a 20 year complete gas energy projection under variable process and crude oil production for Eastern Province. The projection eliminated six man months and the projection could be generated in an hour
Budget Coordinator
,(79-80): Formulated cost and progress reports on spending for the 1979-86 ($23 Billion), and 1980-87 ($18 Billion) 7 year capital operating budgets. Directed Engineering Study Program & generated cost reports on projects

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